A Mandala Meditation to Untangle the Mind

A Mandala Meditation to Untangle the Mind


Come out of the circle of time and into the circle of love”








This exercise was introduced to me by Tracy Smith of acreativespace

You will need:

A couple of sheets of notepaper

A plain piece of paper (A4 or larger)

A plate

A pen

Colouring pencils

A sense of adventure (optional)

Time: approximately half an hour

The exercise can be used to help solve a problem or to make a decision. I found the process helped sift through feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do lists and circular mind-chatter as to how to prioritise the actions I need to take for the new projects I have started this year.

The process as I understood it is:

Step One: Write down where you are now.

Step Two: Write down everything you want to create, including your state of mind. 

The next two steps take us from the language of the left brain and into the right brain, the part that is connected to the universe and all that is.

Step Three: Randomly choose a six-digit number. Although there are many ways of interpreting numbers, there isn’t a particular significance within this process.

Step Four: Make a circle using the plate, then draw and colour in any way that  represents your vision as though you already know it to be. Without thinking or judgement of good or bad. I suggest wild abandon. 

That’s it. At art school we learnt how the real purpose of drawing is learning to see and I believe this is about inside as well as the outside.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did – please let me have your feedback!





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