I hold combined arts workshops where we dance, make butterflies and share a story. The stories have different levels of participation from “call and response” to discussion and Q and A. As schools we usually have a discussion around topics such as “the difference between drawing for fun or perfection’, “where ideas come from” “developing stories or drawings.” The workshops are aimed at Early Learning, Reception and Key Stage 1. The workshop works well with concurrent class projects on butterflies.


“This was a great experience for the children to meet a real author.  The children produced some lovely creative pieces of artwork on butterflies, which they are very proud of. The children were completed engaged throughout Lubna’s discussions on her book Anya and the Purple Butterfly. They listened intently as Lubna discussed how she created the characters, and they were fascinated with how Lubna gathered her ideas for her book and how she put the story together. The children enjoyed listening to Lubna’s story telling session of  Anya and the Purple Butterfly, and they had lots of fun doing the butterfly dance. A lovely time was had by all and the visit enhanced our butterfly topic”.

Mandy Duke, Teacher, Lewes Old Grammar School

“My son (6) and daughter (3) had a fabulous morning at Rich Mix getting their fingers sticky making beautiful butterflies. With the inspiring direction of artist Lubna Gem Arielle, they creatively and delicately contributed to creating a gallery of butterflies that transformed the Rich Mix space. They were also gripped by Lubna’s new story about a butterfly, a delicate and subtle tale, just like its subject, that was interactive and engaging for all ages”.

Shehnaz Suterwalla, Parent, Workshop at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green

If you are interested in holding a workshop at your school, library or other arts venue, please contact me.