A box for delights

A box for delights

Hello Butterfly Friends

A dear friend shared this on my wall just before the New Year. 



From the Facebook page “Have a Gay Day”.

(I’m in the process of finding out who I need to credit, please get in touch if you know :-))

Ready to go with a pretty glass jar, a silky ribbon, blue as the sky and dried rose petals to scent my memories, I realised there was very little possibility of any delightful surprises … 



I’d be too tempted to rattle and read like a miser gleeful at the rising level of coins in his kitchen jar.

Not so with a sealed box! 



This isn’t restricted to grown-ups 😉 – my 9 year old niece, Leila made one too!


All good things come in 3’s & here’s a Lovely Box made by my friend and author of Elemental Magic, Emily Julian


I’m looking forward to opening my present at the end of the year. 

Wishing you the gift of times truly shared.

With love
x x x Lubna 

PS Just after Christmas is a nice time to make these – as boxes, paper, ribbons, glitter etc are generally more easily to hand for most of us – BUT you can make these AT ANY TIME!!  


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