Make a Mini-Book – Butterflies All Around the World

Make a mini-book – “A Butterfly Adventure” – with a fluttering butterfly, butterflies from all around the world and flying together in the Butterfly Garden!



Download and Print the Template

You can download the template below – it is one piece of A4 with two sides – though if you can’t figure out double-sided printing – just print Side 1 and draw your own Butterfly Garden on Side 2!

 Side 1  & Side 2 

Fold the Paper Following these steps

Draw your own garden if you haven’t printed side 2
Place the paper onto a flat surface with Side 2 (the Butterfly Garden) face up. :

2. Fold the paper in half length-wise and mark the edges of the fold as shown in the next two images. You will use these marks later: 


3. Fold the page in half across. and make a sharp crease:

4. Open the page out and fold the outer edges in to the middle crease as shown, and smooth down the new folds:

5. Open out the page again and fold the long edges into the centre as shown, using the crease marks that you made earlier:

6. Fold the edges into the middle as shown below:

7. Fold in half – your mini Butterfly Book is now complete for you to colour in and enjoy:


Can you work out how to make the Butterfly fly and do you know what the different languages are “all around the world”?

I would love to see your mini-book so please feel free to send me an image. Please contact me if you would like details of the next activity and other updates.

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