To Autocue or Not to Autocue

To Autocue or Not to Autocue


My friend Donald of Best Bits Media and I made this short demo on using the autocue: 



Last night, another friend took me to see Patrick Stewart as William Shakespeare. Making a play about one of the world’s greatest playwrights was always going to be a tall order. The first half of the first act was a gentle illustration of Elizabethan times through the slow revealing of the legal and financial quandaries facing a landowner and the problem of being a wench without ID papers – more showing then telling, but it then switched into a completely different play – way way way too wordy.

We didn’t stay for the Second Act, tired of sentences so long that the beginning is forgotten by the end. What does this have to do with an Autocue demo? Our TIP in the demo is:

Though it may sound obvious, remember that there is a difference between the written word and spoken word and do try reading your script out loud!”

Best Bits Media run an Autocue Filming Day where you can film a short promotional or informational film using the autocue. The next one is on March 15th 2012.

You can use the promotional code LGA to get 30% off all currently listed events (limited places available) The next event is the Video Party on Friday February 24th. I’ll be there so maybe see you then!

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